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 P. W. Katsirubas is an American novelist, poet and screenwriter. Born on Guam, he has lived in Greece, Pakistan and Iran, and attended American, Catholic and Georgetown Universities in Washington D. C. He has published a book of poetry entitled Sleep (Fifteen Poems). Three novels, Santorini (with and Aegean setting), The Idle Pursuit of Pleasure (set in 1925 Paris), and Paris and Helen of Troy, as well as a children's mythology book The Legend of King Minos are available as Kindle e-books. Peter Katsirubas currently resides in Sterling Virginia with his son Damien and their cat Odyssius.


  • PARIS AND HELEN OF TROY: Available in paperback and E-book through and AuthorHouse

  • The Idle Pursuit of Pleasure: Published in Paperback and E-book Oct. 10th 2017

  • Santorini (A Novel): Published for paperback and E-book Aug. 23rd 2017

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Coming Soon:

  • CYNIC AND THE OBSESSED   (A Play in Three Acts)

  • Shadow of Aphrodite (The Catherine Poems)

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